White Tower of Thessaloniki – A most famous Tourist Attraction in Greece


There are many good places to visit in Greece, but the White Tower of Thessaloniki is a tower that attracts tourists. The place is located on the North side in Greece. In the year 1826, Kalmaria incorporated this tower as its fortress, but the fort was named the Red Tower after Sultan Mahmud killed each of the prisoners. After that, in 1912, the tower was purified by Thessaloniki and released from the Turks.

Why it is famous?

The White Tower of Thessaloniki is quite famous as a tower in Greece. This tower is considered a milestone cantered on city life. There is a big six on the last floor of the tower; from there you will be able to see a beautiful view of the whole city and the surrounding hills. In this, tourism is welcomed and shown by planning a lot of cultural programs.

Tourist Attraction Near White Tower of Thessaloniki: – Beautiful towers of beautiful flowers have been made outside this tower, due to which this place looks even more spectacular.


Generally called the stronghold of the seven towers, the Heptapragion is similarly accepted by its Ottoman call Yedi Kule. The citadel is located on the northeast corner of the city’s Acropolis. The northern towers became the fortifications of the city at the end of the 4th century. At the same time as they are believed to have been built within the southern 25th century. It served as a naval establishment until the early 19th century after which it
spent a hundred years as a prison. Nowadays, the Heptaparagium is a well-known traveller appeal, due to its top- notch approach to the city and its harbour.

Villa Allatini:

In the south western area of Kalmaria, site visitors will discover several 19th-century villas and Havelis. Many of these villas were designed in the neoclassical style with the help of Italian architects. A residence of particular historical interest is Villa Allatini, built-in 1896 through the Italian architect Vitaliano Porcelli. Situated in picturesque grounds, this incredible villa was originally part of the thriving Jewish network of Thessalonica, a wealthy Jewish circle of relatives. It is for this reason that in 1926, Villa Allatini built a university, and is currently located in facilities in the province of Thessaloniki.


This is a historical community now indexed by the Ministry of Tradition as the online website of the Ministry of History. Inside the place where the oil reserves were legion, Ladadika has colourful 19th-century buildings that upload the city’s old appeal. Following the current process of Gentrification within the eighties, the district now has good hotels, quiet bars, and some beautiful clubs.

Archaeological Museum:

The museum has artifacts from 4 of the most archaeologically substantial historical periods of Thessalonica and the included sections of Macedonia. Parts here represent Hellenistic, old-fashioned, traditional, and Roman intervals. Satirically, the building is built within the current Greek architectural style. The museum will additionally be of particular interest in the ancient ways in which historic Macedonians used gold as a decoration. Because the metropolis dates back to prehistoric examples, there is additionally a segment that tries to reconstruct a picture of the mike Bay area that makes up the entire metropolis.

Agios Dimitrios:

It was built in honor of Saint Dimitrios, a Roman soldier who was killed in advertising sometime around 306 someday. Over time it became a Roman bathing site, and with the aid of Emperor Galerius ordered the assassination, which turned into brutality in the persecution of Christians. In the 7th century, a large basilica was built on the crest of the crypt, where Dimitrios’ stay was saved. Many original frescoes have been broken within the 1917 stove that swept through Thessalonica.

Famous Restaurants and its food verities:

The garden of Thermaikos: This restaurant is very famous and the food here is very tasty and fabulous. In this restaurant, you will get all kinds of food from Indian food and the charge here is very cheap.