Travel Guide To Brisbane

Brisbane in Australia is the state capital of Queensland and it is popularly known as the third-largest city in Australia.


It was founded in 1825 and it is something of a “business city”. So, there are not as many things to do here when you will compare this city with other cities like Melbourne and Sydney. It is the kind of place where people usually work on weekdays, and then they used to leave for going to the coast on weekends.

Most of the people usually visit Brisbane on their way to the Gold Coast or they usually head up towards Cairns. This city is a huge stop on the backpacking trail and you will certainly find a huge number of hotels, budget travelers, and young kids here.

Brisbane is having a lot of things for you to see and to do. It is genuinely a great city with a very high quality of life. South Bank used to come with some nice restaurants as well as with some good pubs in the city.

The Travel Guide To Brisbane can assist you in planning your trip, saving your money, and visiting some coll exhibits and major attractions.

Things To See & Do In Brisbane


1. Enjoy the view from Mt Coot-tha

Mt Coot-tha facilitates beautiful panoramic views of the city even on a nice day, Moreton Bay. It is a favorite place for the local people & visitors. You can enjoy yourself there with a meal or coffee and can look out over the surroundings of the city. This mountain is just under 300m above sea level.

There are also dozens of very easy and moderate trails for enjoying. The moderate 10km Mount Cool-the Loop, 2.6km Mahogany Track, and 5.6km Power Owl Trail are just a few of the more popular routes for enjoying.

2. Hit the Beach

The beach has never been a bad idea here. The Gold Coast, with the lush rivers, white-sand beaches, and surfing of it is just 30 minutes away. You are required to keep in your mind that on the weekend, everyone in this area is getting the same idea. So, you will find that beaches get crowded and traffic is messed there.

You can head there during the week for beating the crowd. Instead of this, you can also go north, as there are is an abundance of beaches there which is inclusive of Sylvan Beach on Bribie Island, Ocean Beach on Bribie Island, and Bulwer on Moreton Island.

3. Explore the Cultural Center

The Cultural Centre of the Queensland is right in South Bank and it is inclusive of the Queensland Art Gallery along with the Modern Art. The Queensland Museum is a very good place for learning about the cultural and natural history of this area.

If you are desired to see a ballet, an opera, or any other theatre, there is also the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Getting admission to these galleries is absolutely free while the prices for performances will vary and it basically costs at least 50 AUD ($38 USD) per person.

4. Enjoy the Roma Street Parklands

It is known as the largest sub-tropical urban garden in the world. It covers more than 39 acres and it is located only 5 minutes walk from the city hall. You can bring a book, and can pack snacks, and can do relax here. There are also a huge number of trendy cafes in this area also.

5. Have fun at the Riverlife Adventure Center

The Riverlife Adventure Center is known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in this area. They serve numerous outdoor activities to those people of all ages such as abseiling, kayaking, rock climbing, biking, and rollerblading.

Guided groups can take you everywhere in the place from the Kangaroo Point cliffs to the riverside. Prices will be different but you can have the expectation of spending at least 65 AUD ($49 USD).

6.Visit the XXXX Brewery

XXXX (Four X) is popularly known as the cheapest beers all over the country. However, if you have the requirement of something to do in just one day, and you are desired to learn more about beer and can drink some beer also. The brewery has been in business for more than 140 years and there are a huge number of new history there.

Travel Costs Of Brisbane


1. Hostel Prices

There are a huge number of hostels in the city. A bed in a larger dorm room which means 10-20 bends usually costs around 20-35 AUD which is $15-26. The average cost of a bed in a smaller dorm room of which means 6 beds is around 25-40 AUD which is $19-30 USD. A private room that usually sleeps with a shared bathroom basically costs around 65 AUD which is $49 USD. Free WiFi is a standard here and there are few hostels in the city that are also inclusive of free breakfast.

Camping is also available outside the city with a basic tent plot without any use of electricity which usually costs around 15-20 AUD which is $11-15 USD per night.

2. Budget Hotel Prices

Budget hotels usually start at 85 AUD which is $65 USD. But most of these are more than 125 AUD which is around $95 USD. Most of these hotels facilitate with a private bathroom and free WiFi. You are expected to pay here even more for a central location which is the cheapest place and it is usually far from downtown.

Private rooms usually start at 40 AUD which is $30 USD. Although most of the average is closer to 75 AUD which is $56 USD. For an apartment or entire home, you are expected to pay at least 85 AUD which is $65 USD.

3. Average Cost of Food

Ethnic food and cheap takeaways like Chinese or Indian can be found for under 15 AUD which is $12 USD. But most of the sit-down restaurant meals along with a drink usually cost between 20-30 AUD that is $15-23 USD. These are generally dishes like meat pies, vegetables, seafood, or fish and chips. Lamb is incredibly famous as is chicken.

For a meal at a more expensive mid-range restaurant, you are expected to pay closer to 50 AUD which is $38 USD for a drink and three-course meal.

Domestic beer at a bar usually costs about 8 AUD that is $6 USD. For a combo meal, fast food like McDonald’s usually costs around 13 AUD which is $10 USD. Naturally, if you are on a low budget you would have the desire of limiting your eating out. If you cook your meals yourself, you are expected to pay 100 AUD which is $75 USD per week for groceries which will be inclusive of chicken, vegetables, pasta, and other basic foodstuffs.

How to get around Brisbane


1. Buses

The bus system is a very reliable and fast system which in turn makes it the most budget-friendly way for getting around this city. Fares used to start at 2.40 AUD that is $180 USD and it is based on how far you will go. Day passes usually start a 4.80 AUD which is $3.50 USD.

You can get a Go car which is basically the local bus card for saving 30% of each fare. In addition to that, you are required to save money by traveling during particular hours or by purchasing more than 8 tickets in a period of 7 days.

2. Trains

The Rail network of Brisbane is excellent and it will take you to attractions all over the city and the surrounding suburbs. Roma Street and Central Station are two of the biggest stations in this city. Tickets are also available at the same price as the bus. You can also take the train all the way to the Gold Coast in under 2 hours for around 16 AUD which is basically $12 USD.

The Airline available here will also take you to and from the airport in just about 20 minutes with services that are running every 15 minutes. Tickets are around 15 AUD which is basically $11.30 USD when you will purchase these online or 19.50 AUD which is $14.75 USD when these are paid for at the station.

3. Ferries

Ferries are the most famous way for getting around Brisbane. The reason is that the Brisbane Rivers used to cut right through the city. The CityHopper is completely free and it runs between the North Quay Terminals and Sydney Street. For another route, you can take the CityCat and can make use of your Go Card or you can buy tickets onboard.

4. Bicycle

With the CitCycle bicycle rental program of Brisbane, you can get access to bikes at 150 stations around the city. The City Cycle casual pass facilitates you in making use of the bikes for unlimited 30-minute trips per 24-hour period. It is also known as the cheapest way for getting around. The first 30 minutes are totally free, then it is 2 AUD which is $1.50 USD for the rest of the day.

5. Taxi

Taxis are expensive in this city and you must be avoided of them. If you are required to take one, prices usually start at 4 AUD which is $3 USD and it can also go up by over 2 AUD which is $1.50 USD per kilometer.

When To Go To Brisbane


Autumn is the best time for visiting Brisbane. The average daily temperature is the high 50s°F that is around 15°C to mid 80s°F that is around 30°C during this time. And there is a very less amount of rainfall here. It is not the peak season either. So, you basically find good discounts on activities & accommodations. You would still have the desire of packing sunscreen for this particular time of the year through!

Spring that is between September to November and Winter that is between June to August are also good times for visiting here. The reason is that the temperatures are still dry & warm these days. The average low during this time is basically 50°F (10°C), but 72°F (22°C) which is the average high. Brisbane can be extremely busy during this time.

You will be getting the best accommodation deals during the wettest Brisbane, the most of the humid time of the year that is from December to early March. If you are making plans on doing a lot of outdoor adventuring, then it is not the best time for visiting here.

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