Top Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in USA


As the USA is such a big country, it is almost impossible to travel all over the country at once. At the same time, a traveler can go to a specific end or a specific travelable place. There are plenty of tourist spots you will get. East Coast, the Southwest, the beaches of Florida or California, or outlying regions like Hawaii and Alaska, and many more to travel around. The USA has plenty of spectacular sites you want to be there. We will discuss five recognizable tourist spots that you can schedule in your journey plan. After adding these places in your journey plan, your itinerary will be unique.

Those amazing places are given below-

1. Statue Of Liberty

It is a statue that symbolizes freedom; it is the most renowned icon in the USA. This statue’s height is near about 152 meters, which is the second-highest statue after the statue of unity, located in New York. As because of its highness, it can be seen from anywhere in the city. The beautiful compliments received from the visitors make this place even more famous. If you plan to come here, you might buy tickets for every level of access to the site. (Ground ticket, crown ticket, pedestal tickets). You have to book tickets early if you want to go enter the premises. You can book your tickets online also.

2. Niagara falls

Niagara falls one of the famous waterfalls all over the globe. The creation of these waterfalls on the way from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The fall is renowned for the great quantity of water and constant flow. The quantity of water reduces every year in winter because a significant part of the water is used in the hydroelectric project, but the differences are not eye-popping. It is situated along the US-Canada border. Actually, it is a together part of three water flow. Niagara is seen from Toronto, Canada. It requires no ticket to visit here. You can visit it anytime, but the right time is the summer monsoon to explore.

3. Walt Disney World Resort

WDW resort is situated in Orlando; Disney World is one of the renowned
family attractions. Disney world is suitable for both the children and aged persons to have a great vacation. From 1971, it has been given service as a tourist place. Various types of parks are there in Disney world.

You have to manage at least a week if you are planning to spend a vacation here. 2-3 days is not enough to explore such a prominent place. You will have to book tickets at every level of access. As the place is a great tourist spot, you need not worry about hotels and restaurants.

4. Time Square

Time square is famous for new year’s eve, flashing billboards, and many more celebrations. It is situated in midtown Manhattan. You need to stay here for at least a night to explore the city. Day-time views of the town is also heart throbbing. If you can ride the whole town by taxi, you could be the attester to unbelievable sceneries.

5. White House

White House is always one of the main attractions of all the time. It is none other than an official residence of the president of the United States. It was built by James Hoban in 1792, but British power was also demolished in 1814, and it was rebuilt in 1818. It is free to visit here ( you do not have to pay for this), but you need advance booking at least three weeks before. In the premises, the security is stringent. Therefore you should know all the guidelines, what should do or not on the premises.


You can get here world-class cities, historical places, fun places that give you a broad spectrum of places to choose where to go or not. It totally depends on your personal views. On the given list, i explain to you the five most favorite places rated by visitors. Hope the list will help you.