Top Five Ancient Museum in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country known for its beautiful nature. There are many places here which are well worth visiting. You can get to know the culture of New Zealand well by visiting the Wellington Museum. All museums are open on all days of the year except Christmas day. In Wearable Arts you can see items of World War I and World War II.

Five ancient museums are given bellows:-

1. Kauri Museum

Kauri Museum located in New Zealand is a very ancient forest of Kauri. When you come here, you will remember a history romantically by looking at the industries connected with trees and forests. The Kauri Museum is about 90 minutes’ walk from the city of Auckland in the northern direction of New Zealand.

Within this museum, houses of at least 1900 Kauri are having been built and the world’s largest collection of furniture has been included. The ticket to enter the Kauri Museum is included in $ 8.00 for children and $ 25.00 for older men. The museum’s gate is open from 9 am to 5 pm for the whole month. It is believed that the Kauri Museum is a heritage museum in a true way.

2. Canterbury Museum

This museum was built in December of 1867 year. The Canterbury Museum is a very ancient museum located in the country of New Zealand. The property for the museum has come from public appeals and proposals from provincial authorities. Construction plans adjacent to the botanical lawn were typical and a smooth term was given in the press in February 1869.

Built through Benjamin Mount fort and opened in 1870, the authentic museum stood in a room 10.4 meters long by way of 21.3. Meter tall with a gallery with the help of Kaur pillars. The outer hotel became of gray basalt from Quarry, with a stone port in the east.

3. Auckland War Memorial Museum

This museum was built in the New Zealand country in about 1852 years old. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is believed to have been built as the first museum in New Zealand. Its gate is open from 10 am to 5 pm, that too
throughout the year. The ticket to enter inside the museum is $ 7 for children and $ 18 for adults. The museum tells the story of the latest Pacific and its humans. The museum is a war memorial for the province of Auckland and recently one of the three historical past libraries of New Zealand.

It has pre-main Māori and Pacific collections, vast natural record sources, and important social and naval history collections, as well as decorative arts and portrait collections. The thrilling display was praised by many, highlighting New Zealand’s volcanoes and Māori populations recently. If you have a flexible budget, don’t forget to purchase a ticket package, which includes a Maori cultural performance, which is quite encouraged. Also don’t forget to carry your digital camera, as this attraction gives amazing views of the city of Auckland.

4. Steam punk HQ

A small east coast town inside the South Island with a population of about 14,000 can be discovered in one of New Zealand’s most unique destinations in Omaru. This is not always a place in which you can usually discover an
attraction that very prominently displays the subculture, although again, New Zealand is often an area that may surprise you in this way.

In 1883 they managed to accumulate a marvelous stone building a former grain elevator construction located at the gates of Otaru’s Victorian Sermon. It was the ideal area for a museum dedicated to a genre that borrows so much from Victorian technology. It is a unit out to portray a commercial version of Steam punk HQ. It is loopy, quirky, and unique unlike every other visitor attraction in New Zealand. Steam punk HQ is widely recognized for its full-scale train engine that blows fire and smoke.

5. Tawhiti Museum

The previous school-cum-historian purchased an old cheese manufacturing unit in 1975 and proceeded to fill it with life-size figures dating back to Taranaki. It makes fiberglass figures from artists of the local people and portrays them on the main days. The ticket to enter inside such a museum is included in $ 3 for children and $ 10 for older people and it is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

Nigel is constantly including “memories”; Refers to the large interstate wars of 1830 and the Eco-Māori land wars of 1860. The Frequency Museum Taranaki has an excellent and fascinating visual history. Extremely well-practiced shows use survival-sized presentations and fashion of scale to seize the past. All display stores are onsite for body keeping – a part of the museum visit. We are generally increasing shows – making them more interactive and extra appealing to our more youthful traffic. From the Mauryan colony to the present day, we present such stories that have made the south progress their home.