Top Famous Places in Singapore for Honeymoon


A newly wedded life is indeed full of surprises and the sweetest moments of one’s lifetime. It should be made even more special with the most memorable honeymoon. 2021 would be the best time to embark upon one such honeymoon to make a newly wedded life special. And what better destination can be there than Singapore?

Singapore is a mixture of the best of the East and the West. And that makes it special since it not only flaunts the wondrous cultures of the East, but also the shiny capitalism of the West. Singapore encapsulates within it the vibrancy of various cultures, cuisines, as well as the sights and sounds of the same. A dreamy and romantic destination full of surprises for both the outgoing couple and the most intimate ones, Singapore is a paradise for travelers from both near and far.

1. Bukit Batik Town Park

Bukit Batik Town Park has proved to be an incredible place for newly-wed couples to go on a honeymoon. The honeymoon couple can have a wonderful time there. It is also an exquisite place to click romantic photographs. Xiao Guilin is renowned for its brilliant landscapes and breathtaking horizon. A romantic amble through shady forests as well as time well spent near the calm lake of Xiao Guilin is indeed an unforgettable experience.

2. Singapore River

A romantic cruise on the Singapore River is definitely worth an experience. Any trip is a Sean of grandeur without a cruise with Clarke Quay. It ensures that one gets the best view of the city’s long heritage. It is also a medium for exploring and enjoying the impeccable view of Marina Bay Sands, The Merlion, and other well-known sites for the tourist. A lovely evening spent beside the river with its varied light and sounds show is also a memorable
experience. It is indeed one of the most romantic getaways in Singapore.

3. Jewel Box

The Jewel container is undoubtedly the most romantic as well as brilliant places in Singapore. Mount Faber Park provides one with the most beautiful yet scintillating views of the city as well as its ancient heritage harbor. A
romantic dinner, as well as a ride all over the town, would be the best way to end the evening over there. A cable car journey would ensure that a midair date for two would make it the most cherished experience of your newly wedded life.


Singapore is indeed the best place to plan for a honeymoon. Not only does the destination provide you and your better half with amazing locales as well as sounds, sights, and architecture, but also the brilliance of modern city life. It is indeed a pleasure to sail through a destination enmeshed in both the dreams of the past as well as hopes for the future.