Top Best world’s most significant Zoos in the USA

Positioned at the third spot in the ranking of the world’s most significant countries area wise “The USA” has a total area of 9,984,670 square kilometers. Being a large country comes with a vast area covered under natural things. The same principle applies here in the case of the USA. This country has one of the biggest and diverse Zoos in the whole world.

Zoos have various types of animals, reptiles, species, and others from animal kingdom brought from all over the world. Accommodative environment, advanced medical facilities, awareness about nature, and government and societies help create and maintain large numbers of ZOOs and keep it lively with animals. Take a look at the seven most significant
in the USA.

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium:

One of the most significant areas wise, this zoo covers 582 acres of land. This place is also famous for its golf course, Water Park, and a class apart amusement park. More than 10,000 animals representing over 575 different species is not a small feat; this is achieved by this zoo.

Minnesota Zoo:

Home to more than 5000 animals, this zoo is one of the USA’s oldest. This place is ideal for a family vacation as it offers various activities to engage children. Promoting and spreading awareness about the environment is another good deeds being bone by this zoo.

San Diego Zoo:

650 species of different types representing more than 4000 animals is the main point to consider before visiting this place. Visitors are highly rated by visitors for the most prominent collection of endangered animals, scenery, clean and playful environment, and wholesome picnic experience.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo:

It is also known as Conservation Biology Institute; it is operational for more than 100 years. An enjoyable family experience destination is home to more than 3000 animals of more than 500 species. The most crucial factor to consider is that this place does not charge any entry fee and is open for visitors all days of the year. The main intention behind creating this zoo is providing the right family time place and helping society conserve its natural things provided by almighty nature.

Henry Doorly Zoo:

Located in Nebraska, this is one of the world’s best zoos. This zoo’s vastness can be gauzed by the fact that it has more than 15000 animals of approximately 1000 species. This place also holds the best in class aquarium called “The Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium.” If you have senior citizens in your family, you still need not worry while visiting this incredible place; it has a tram facility which enables visitors to see the area without taking much pain in walking. The educational program focused on animals, and the environment is also run here, which is quite famous among the visitors.

Brookfield Zoo:

Located in Chicago, this zoo is home to 2500 animals of approx 500 species. The main attraction of this zoo is open-air unbarred places for animals. Here animals live in more animal-friendly ways. However, wild animals, which could be dangerous for the person visiting, are kept under watch or under a barred cage. Dolphin, Black Rhinoceros, Wombats, ibex, baboons, and kangaroos are the main attraction of this place.

Los Angeles Zoo:

After visiting this zoo, you will realize that Los Angeles should not only be famous for Hollywood movies. This city has a lot to offer, and this zoo is one of them. Opened in 1966, it has over 1500 animals, which include more than 50 endangered animals. Giraffe and Flamingo watching and feeding are the main attractions here.


As you have got some ideas about Zoos in the USA, what are you waiting for. Pack your backpack and visit the Zoo there. After being there, you will realize how big our nature is and the offering from nature. Your heart and soul will be energized after watching all this. It is advisable to have plenty of time and less carrying stuff, as it will help you explore more and more inside the zoo.