Things to Do at the Statue of Liberty

The beautiful statue of liberty is the most iconic symbol of the United States. She was a gift to the United States from France as a sign of international friendship and put into Newyork harbor to welcome immigrants. At that time back in 1876 when she was first sculpted that meant a lot of western European is coming across the Atlantic and their first stop war New York. A French man named Frederick Augusta Bartholdi designed the statue of liberty, and her copper skin that he sculpted her out of is actually thinner than two pennies. The actual material that he used is very supple copper. That then turned brown and then become green because of the oxidation process.

Activities to do:-

  • Statue of Liberty Exhibit – The new museum is a modern expression of how this concept of liberty can be understood and engages. Psi Design created an experience at the statue of liberty museum that remains existing artifacts and exhibits and pairs them with interactive media.
  • Liberty Island – The statue of liberty and the Elis Islands is America’s top landmarks. Over 100 million Americans can actually trace their roots back here to the Elis Islands. America is a land of the great museum, and every museum has spellbinding stories to tell. It is a very emotional place when you go there, and you think of the millions of people who started their American experience at the Ellis Islands. It is just the same experience that immigrants had when they arrive in America. You should definitely come to this tour and hung out here with your friends.
  • The Torch Exhibit –  Lady Liberty’s torch a magnificent copper and 24 karats gold piece. But it was not in her right hand. The statue a gift from France was dedicated in 1886. The torch has changed over time. The glass of pieces that you will see was not part of the original design that would be done in 1996. But in and of itself is an artifact which was on the display of the statue. Crews carefully move the prices into the other side of the liberty Islands where the torch and the replica of her face will be front and centre inside the new museum.
  • Promenade and Observatory Tour – By taking this tour, you will enjoy the vice of nature of liberty. You can see a short documentary about how the Statue of Liberty was built. If you spent at least 1 hour here, you will about to know all details of this statue. The sculpture was very thought-full. Those seven rays of the sun are actually the seven seas and the seven continents of the whole world.

She has welcomed countless immigrants, and millions come to see her every year. It was shipped across the Atlantic with the intension of being a gift of America’s 100th birthday to celebrate 4th July 17176. Coming across the ocean, it took 350 individual pieces of packed in over 200 crates to get her from France to the United States. It would not be a real trip to New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty.

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