Australia is expected to ban flights from India, in spite of 9,000 Aussies are making efforts to get their home back

Australia is now expected to prohibit all flights from India amid a surge of cases in the country.

The National Security Committee of Australia will have a meeting on Tuesday and they will decide over there that whether they should suspend flights that are coming in from India or not.

Australia is looking over to send oxygen for trying and assisting in the ease of crisis.

The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade has given the confirmation that there are presently more than 9,000 Australians in India who are having the desire of returning to their home.

Health Minister of Australia has given his statement that “if all flights are canceled that are coming in from India, we will do it with a very heavy heart but without having any hesitation”. Further, he said that “India is literally wheezing for oxygen”.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made an announcement of cutting flights by 30 percent in addition to a new rule which means that passengers must get tested on their route if they change their planes.

India is the nation that is the second-most populated nation in the world.

The capital city of India, Delhi is home to nearly about 30 million people, and it is reporting positive tests of about one in every three people in the city.

This nation has been hit by another major record jump in Covid-19 cases, with almost 3,50,000 new infections in the past 24 hours.

Is continuously the fourth day in the nation in which the number of daily cases has hit the world-record levels.

India so far has confirmed more than 1,86,000 deaths and 16 million cases, with three million people which are added in the last two weeks alone.

Hospitals in the country are running out of oxygen supplies, and crematoriums of the country are overflowing, sparking the fear of a major humanitarian disaster is underway.

A spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has said that “Australia stands by our friends who are in India when they are in the time of requirement”.

He said further in his statement that the government of Australia is now taking into consideration actively the options for facilitating with urgent support & it will also take into continuance the monitoring of the conditions closely.

The highest priority of DFAT at this time is to assist vulnerable Australians overseas.

More than 5,00,000 Australians have returned to their country Australia after the Government of Australia has done the recommendations from the citizens of its country for reconsidering their actual requirements of traveling abroad.

As well as from India, the Australians are making efforts to return to their country from the UK, Thailand, USA, and the Philippines.