Need a break from the City – Road Trip to Chicago


Undoubtedly, there several great trips by road to experience from Chicago with destinations less than a few hours away. You must have a long list of places to visit; you don’t have to book a flight for these to explore. The simplest way to escape city life has some great road trips that will convert your boring weekend into a fun adventure.

You will experience with your friends by heading out to some of the incredible destinations that are not too far away from Chicago for a getaway. You can get in a car or your favorite bike to travel to some of the tremendous surrounding states within easy reach. Let me take you through some of the unforgettable road trips from Chicago.

1. South Haven, Michigan

South Haven is situated in Michigan that is only two hours away from Chicago. You can either travel by car or bike; it is a fun and exciting road journey. It is a small port city and truly a haven, with a tranquil beach retreat. It is based in the center of the town and has plenty of restaurants and local shops unique. They offer a variety of items that look beautiful and not much expensive. This place also has the Maritime Museum with a famous lighthouse that directly points to the ships. The highlight of this place is the beautiful sandy beach for which many people come to enjoy the bright sunshine and enjoy some of the water sports.

2. Galena, Illinois

Galena, Illinois is three hours’ drive from Chicago to Galena. This place is focused on buildings and has architectural landmarks around the place, which is a delight to see. The Galena historic district comprises of 1,000 buildings contributing to the previous era. This place has some of the tastiest restaurants that one should try, with some of the burger joints.

3. Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

It takes around 1.5 hours to travel to this place. It has dozens of sandstone canyons, beautiful waterfalls, powerful springs, and heavy rainfall. Once you reach this place, you will witness wildflowers, and you can walk in the tranquil forest amidst nature, watching beautiful birds along the way. You will experience a bucket full of things here, from antique stores to small museums, food, galleries, and enjoy the restaurants’ local flavors.

4. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison in Wisconsin is an earthly delight to many travelers who visit this city. It is located just two and a half hours from Chicago. This place offers the best cheese and beer and is known to be unique geography surrounded by large lakes. One can enjoy beautiful and remarkable cultural events and festivals, and the streets are filled with a vibrant feel, famous for its shopping. The restaurant list is big, from Tacos to delicious burgers, to Thai noodles, you can enjoy the relish food here.

5. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is a penchant for events, festivals, parties, and known to be the Racing Capital of the World. Travelers flock to this place because multiple festivals take place throughout the year at this destination. This place is approximately three hours’ drive from Chicago. It is also a hub for museums and has some of the world’s largest museums, a great place for children, especially. Besides, it has several art museums where you will find artworks by great artists. It is incredibly famous for its food; this is also one of the main reasons that many visitors come to this place to enjoy the restaurants’ delicious delicacies.


The places listed above are some of the getaways for your short weekends or months to explore the attractions nearest Chicago. These serve the excellent trips that you can travel by road easily within a few hours’ drive and enjoy the ride, away from the hustle-bustle of city life.