Most Favourable Places to explore in Auckland in 3hours

If you are going to visit New Zealand, then Auckland will be the hub where you should start your journey. If you want to have an excellent experience with the countryside, we have some suggestions. This great city has its own
unique out of the world coffees and cross-culture cuisines. Hire a guide or take a small tour book to know the epic history of the city. So we have come up with the few options which can make your day.


This is a secluded peninsula which is very close to the Hauraki Gulf of Auckland. The place is tranquil, and you might not find this place crowded as others. It will significantly help if you want to spend alone time in peace with your loved ones or with your family. The peninsula is especially surrounded by the old New Zealand forest, where massive mountains occur in the middle. You must get the real feel of the raw cultures by viewing the local pottery industry. Don’t miss the exclusive train ride as well.

Rangitoto Island

You can reach this island by taking a small boat trip from the Auckland CBD. In the Auckland volcanic fault, it is considered to be the largest volcano. You can see some traces of the volcano while roaming around the island. It would help if you carried your hiking boots to explore the beautiful and splendid wildlife. You will get the best view after you reach the top of the island. You can hire a guide who can lead a hand to discover multiple volcanic wonders. If you don’t want to do the hiking, you can take the train to cover most of the way to the top. Fill your bags with snacks, waters, and fruits, as you will not find any restaurants in that place.

Waiheke Island

Take the same boat towards the less crowded island to spend quality time with the local hippies. Their way of talking, greetings, and a warm welcome will put a smile on your face. This place is famous for its vineyards and winery sets. If you have interests in local wines, then you can also have the option of tasting them. The place is surrounded by beautiful beaches which can be vacant if you were going at the right time.


Piha is on the most west part of Auckland, and the distance from Auckland CBD is 30 minutes. The place is power-packed with the authentic beauty of nature. The site is surrounded by impressive beaches, which is considered as a village. If you are a music fan, then you will be very kind to hear that Taylor Swift has shot a music video named Out of the Woods in this particular place. Auckland’s volcanic fault has also built up a small range, which is known as Whitaker Ranges. The field is covered up with long and deep bushes formed as a rainforest in itself.


This place is a bit far from the central city of Auckland. If you are an adventure sports freak, you might find this place useful, as it has zorbing, bungee jumping, parachute jumping, and many more things. If you are travelling with your kids, then you must go to the go-kart. It takes upon the wind and gives you the best experience of hills and mountains, which you will cherish all your life. The native redwood forest is there to go for small hiking, and you may find the history interesting as they are based on Maori cultures. The town has the best spa in New Zealand, where natural oil and steams are used.


It is an hour’s drive from the central city of Auckland. If you visit places like Taupo and Rotorua, you might take a break and see Hamilton’s fabulous garden. The gardens of this place are wholly planed according to the area of
sunlight. Traditional Maori style Italian and Japanese decorations can bee seen in this market. A river named Waikato flows in the middle of the garden. If you love photography, then it will add tremendous good memories for you.


One of the best reasons to visit the place is Hobbit on. If you have watched the movie, then you will find various resemblances in this place. The location is 2hours away from the central hub of Auckland. Every nukes and corner are filled up with senses of the magic of the Hobbit trilogies. Full Hobbit themed cafes, restaurants, and multiple views are available over there, which can be enjoyed by your kids. The main attraction is the Hobbit park.

So, we have discussed most of the part of Auckland’s countryside, which you may hire a self-driven car and roam around. It will just take a day. There are more places like Mangawhai ends, Matapouri, Kaiiwi lakes, and many more on the banks of Auckland CBD. If you get the time and budget permits, you may have a visit. But don’t forget to share your experience while travelling to these places and give us the knowledge of the new additions.

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