Most Famous Cultural Tourist Spots in Spain

Whether it is a Mediterranean beach or Flamenco dancers, Spain offers sightseeing opportunities for people with a keen interest in the history and culture of the country. Spain expresses a kind of vibrancy and a compelling amalgamation of history and the present. For the holiday-maker as well as the traveler, our listing will guide you through the best that Spain can provide.

1. Costa del Sol Beaches

With the file as Europe’s sunniest place and mile after mile of white sands lapped via way of means of mild seas, it is no marvel that the Costa del Sol seashores are the intention of sun-starved northern Europeans seeking out sun-and- sand getaways. This recognition prompted severe over improvement initially no longer most effective positioned a present. It has begun the method of tearing down the worst offenders and returning whole sections of the coast to herbal landscapes, easy seashores, and appealing new homes which can be extra in concord with their surroundings.

The beaches are not the most effective appeal for Costa del Sol tourists. Reviving its hub metropolis of Malaga, the coast has been made even more attractive to all. The yachtsman loves the clever Marina of Puerto Banus. Golfers from Marbella’s antique-global attraction to the west of Nueva Andalusia are called Golf Valley for over 50 courses. A few steps away from the sea shore in Marbella are the old town of whitewashed houses and the well-preserved places of the moor Castillo.

2. The Great Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita)

Referred to as the Mezquita, Cordoba’s mosque is well thought-out as one of the most significant successes of Moorish construction in Spain. Construction items from Roman and Visigothic architecture have been used deep within the foundation of the structure. This began in 785 and was completed in 1000. Its prayer corridor has around nineteen aisles. No matter where you may stand or which course you may look towards, it has rows of columns and spherical Moorish arches prepared in symmetrical patterns.

3. Plaza Mayor, Madrid

The throbbing heartbeat of Spain’s colorful capital city, Plaza Mayor has performed an essential element in Madrid’s existence for the reason that sixteenth century. The Whilst Philip II entrusted the challenge of designing it to his favorite architect Juan de Herrera, builder of the Escorial.

It has served because of the degree for ceremonial events — the proclamation of a brand new king, the canonization of saints, the burning of heretics — and public amusement which includes chivalric tournaments and bullfights. The cafes achieving out onto its pedestrian-most effective stone pavement. The eating places shaded beneath its arcades are Madrid’s dwelling room, famous assembly locations for Madrilènes and travelers alike.

4. San Lorenzo de El Escorial

San Lorenzo de El Escorial roughly forty-five kilometers northwest of Madrid. It became the summer resort of the Spanish monarchs, and in 1563, paintings were created on a big complex. Which consisted of a monastery, church, royal palace, mausoleum, library, and museum, everyone thought of as a memorial to Philip II and his reign. Beside vaulted and frescoed ceilings things to see within the monastery are the Panteón de Los Reyes and the library, a magnificent room ornamented with Tibaldi frescoes.

5. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

American architect Frank Gehry used limestone and sheets of titanium to illustrate the sensitivity of current structure and architectural magic. He was triumphant in his venture and a new phrase was thus born from his industrious attitude “The Bilbao Effect” — the competence of a metropolis to demonstrate its magnitude through the building of a sophisticated brilliant configuration — and “architourism,”. A complete segment of the expedition gyrating around structures of modern-day architecture. Within the museum are guided exhibitions and voluntary shows of personal
collections of contemporary art.


The landscape of Spain varies in great proportions. With the greenness of the Spanish mountains to the sunshine glitter of the oceans and the sea beaches, Spain simply offers enough for the traveler in need of rest and
respite as well as adventure. Delve into the wondrous journey called Spain and discover yourself!

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