Most best wandering Zoo to visit in Spain


If you are planning to roam in a good zoo, you can come to Spain. Here you will also be able to spend your holidays by wandering in the zoo. Despite having a lot of tourist places in Spain, it is quite famous for the zoo. In this place, you will see many zoos and various types of animals, birds, etc. is also included inside the zoo. If you are worried about spending the night around the zoo in Spain, you can rest assured that there will be hotels available to spend the night here and food will also be available.

1. Valencia Bioparc

This zoo is influenced as Spain’s most popular country. You will get to know about animals and different types of animals like gorillas, elephants, fish, buffaloes, from big animals to small creatures. This zoo was manufactured in the year of 2008. Biopark Valencia is built on Spain’s most extensive 25 acres of land. The price to enter in Bioparc zoo is £20.54. Do not be afraid of any animal inside the zoo because here you will be given complete protection. Around this, you will find food and drink available. The gate of this zoo is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

2. Terra Natura Benidorm

This zoo is quite famous for elephants in Spain. It is believed that you will be able to see about 1,500 animals in different ways, which mostly affects 200 species. Such a zoo is divided into four countries: Pangea, Europe, Asia, and America, to look at different regions. Here you will be able to get more
information about all those animals while watching animals. Your children will be able to enjoy animals inside this zoo with a lot of information.

3. Loro Parque

On the northern side of the country of Spain, you will find a zoo named Loro Parque, which is considered to be quite a lentil. This zoo is considered famous for tourism due to it being a sea show. Dolphin shows, parrot shows, balls, sharks, and many goods are available for sea rides. Mostly, this zoo is believed to have been created by Wolfgang Keeling in the year 1972. In this way, the zoo’s value has been affected by tickets for children £ 21 and older persons £ 31. It also houses 4000 parrot and 350 species.

4. Camel Zoo

Within this zoo, you will be able to see different types of camels, and due to being only camels, Spain attracts a lot of tourism in the country. Camel zoo was created in the year 1988. At that time, only 15 camels were included in the zoo. But in today’s time, you will be able to see more than 100 types of camels here. To enter the Camel zoo, you will have to pay £22.48. This zoo is very useful for the children, and it is influenced by pleasure, by watching all the different camels with these, you will get information about them. Its gate is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

5. Cocodrilo Zoo

All kinds of crocodiles are found in the whole country; you will find all the crocodiles inside this zoo in Spain. In Spain, this zoo is famous only for crocodiles. Here you will see more than 500 different types of crocodiles. But keep in mind that do not get too close to crocodiles; this may put you at risk. The ticket to invest in the zoo is included in £ 10.12, and this zoo is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


In Spain, you will find many different types of zoo. But in this article, 5 types of a zoo have been mentioned which attract the Tourists to a great extent.