Most Beautiful Natural Forests in Greece

Greece is a place where you can see many forests and forests along with beautiful landscapes. This is often overlooked by tourists. In Palm Beach, one of the largest landmarks inside the Mediterranean island region of the forest. Initially, it is the largest natural palm wood bureaucracy in Europe, usually composed of Cretan palm bushes. Tourism in the region began in the seventies and 1980s; it introduced a holiday service for all people of international stature. Some forest is given below:-

1. Iti National Park

In 1966, this Park is located in the southern valley of the Sparkles River. A part of the place is filled with cedar and black cedar. Apart from the style of birds, the region is also known for many different types of plants, including holm-oak, oleander, and cedar.

In Corsica, some distance from Greece, and is the island’s most famous website that attracts travelers from everywhere in the world. The jungle consists of stunning trekking trails through large mountains with stunning forest roads, jungle, and far-flung areas. It is not always a smooth steep road, and it will require trekking to finish the entire avenue.

2. Parnitha

In 1961, the park covers a space of 3,800 hectares. It consists of pine, cedar, and shrubs which facilitate vegetation in the Mediterranean Sea. Deer are one of a variety of species in the area, along with badgers, roe-deer, and polecats. The mountains in the region are a well-known holiday spot for the Athenians – especially when they have their blankets with clear snow in winter.

3. Parga

A place where the landscape with a secret look is yet a kind of magical that captures each mind and imagination. Parga is a mainland destination, but with its island spirit. The metropolis is a sight to behold with picturesque thin streets, which leads to the palace of Parga and gives excellent views of the stunning bay. Apart from the beaches, the most visited attraction within the metropolis is the Venetian palace. There are stunning long sandy beaches with this intention that allow you to enjoy the cool components of the twinkling of the sand. This forest also is very popular for weddings.

4. Mercantour

It is popular for its amazing and historic cities, extremely good architecture and stunning villages. These forests of France are extremely stunning with different systems and landscapes. Mercator Countrywide Park is one of the most well-known timberland areas in France due to its biodiversity and diversity of animal species. The nationwide park has over six hundred km of hiking trails and wooded area trails.

5. Cedar Forest

The area offers a beautiful and far away view from the Naxos landscape, the seaside, and the mountains. The forest and environment of this blanketed cedar are considered typical Mediterranean life and an area filled with cedarwood. To reach the seawater you need to climb the slope because it has amazing seashores.

6. Zagori

Zagori comes with finely marked trails that pass through colorful forests, stone bridges, rivers, ravines, deep valleys, monasteries, and more than forty-five villages. All this spans hundreds of kilometers and so Zagori is truly a pedestrian’s paradise. There are plenty of sports for adventurous hearts and in the summer season, the route is used for the chance to roam Zagori Mountain, with climbers having the challenge of climbing Alpine Drakolimani Lake or of course one of its peaks. The rivers of Zagori allow drifting options to interact in canoeing or rafting.

7. Mourre Negre Forest

The Mourre Negre is a tops forest in the Greece Country Wide Park and the UNESCO-Indexed Natural Reserve. The area is filled with woodland footpaths, small villages, and fine towns. Apart from this, it is quite famous among locals and holidaymakers who offer various natural landscapes. It is a wonderfully stunning forest because it has lots of cedar bushes.