Incredible Zoos of Australia – You are getting quite close to nature

You may have visited multiple places where you may find extraordinary creatures or animals in the world. But Australian zoos are very impressive. They are the main attraction of the nation. While visiting, you may feel that you are getting quite close to nature. The most beautiful part is that it saves the unique species of various animals. You will have a good time if you are going to visit those places with your old parents or kids. Here are a few of our suggested zoos, which you must include in your travel diary.

Dubbo Western Plain Zoo

You will get a real feel of African Plains if you visit the Dubbo’s Western Plains. The arrangements are more luxurious than any other place in the world. You should hire a car to roam around the sites, as the zoo area is too big. The animals are very comfortable to walk around. Hiring a cycle can be a very splendid experience, as you can have an option of cycling on the belts, which is 6kms long. Giraffes are the main attraction, as you can feed them with your hand.

Hunter Valley Zoo

It is situated in Australia’s wine regions, where you can get an exceptional experience of what an actual vineyard looks like. The uniqueness of this location is semillion. Exotic and beautiful birds, primates, reptiles, and mammals are appreciated. Tasting authentic wine samples with splendid views can lead you to a path towards an excellent evening. You can also get discounts on tickets if you are in the group or have children with you.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

It has a more significant area than any simple zoo. You can get to look into multiple species of African animals like giraffes, gorillas, hippopotamus, big cats, and many other mammals. The best option is to book a jungle safari and travel along with the animals’ multiple spots. It is located in the south west part of the Melbourne CBD, and it is approximately halfway from the Avalon airport.$37 is the price of single tickets, and discounts are available. Hiring a guide will be good if you want to know more about the animals’ timings coming out. Gorillas are available in an area that has around 6000 km.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty is located 220 km away from the south-west of Perth. You might have seen or heard about reefs. This zoo is the biggest artificial Australian reefs. More than 300 marine species are available on the banks, and multi-colored fishes, jellyfishes, and corals will be on the entrance to give you a warm welcome.

There is an underwater observatory, which is almost eight meters under the water level. At a time, it can bear up to 48 tourists. The tickets are a bit costlier than other zoos as it takes $34, $13.50and $4 accordingly for an underwater observatory, Jetty train, and Jetty Day pass. The main attraction is the underwater scenes. There is also a facility for live VR headset. Wear that and experience underwater like Aquaman.

Sydney Taronga Zoo

As this zoo was established in 1916, it is one of the oldest zoos situated in Mosman. All-day long, this zoo is packed up with visitors. You can attend one of those 20 talk shows, which will help you know more about species and the zoo’s history. It has more than 4000 animals. It also offers a view of the Harbour Bridge Sydney opera house. Drive along the path of the lower North shore or take a ferry from the Circular Quay to get into the zoo.

The general admission tickets are priced at $47, and you can get 10% and 20% accordingly for single or grouped ones. The zoo’s prominent uniqueness is that it has the Roar and Snore Experience available for the tourists. You can sleepover a night by planting your tent in the zoo to listen to the sweet sound of those mammals.

So, we have discussed all the options which you can try while travelling in this beautiful country. The prices are all approximate, which you can confirm by tuning into their websites. Don’t miss the main attractions, and please share your experience and pictures with us.

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