Hamilton – A treats which promises a cakewalk for tourists

Hamilton, a city located in the Waikato Region of New Zealand‘s North Island, has climbed several steps up the ladder of being one of the most attractive places for tourists from all corners of the world. Though previously, it was not one of the first and foremost choices for travelers, the following attractions definitely prove the contrary.

It would be unfair to not name the most famous place in Hamilton for its visitors, The Hamilton Gardens. It is hard to believe that this .54 hectare park, located on the Waikato River banks, was once a mere waste disposal site, which later prospered into such a wonderful public garden. It has four significant gardens, namely Paradise, which pays tribute to various countries like China, India, Japan, etc.

The last one is probably the most unique one, the Landscape that serves as an emblem to the philosophical traditions  and tries to explain the  expressions and subtlety of the relationship between human beings and Nature. Besides this, the public garden hosts several events that interest the tourists, like significant gardening events of different bonsai and flowers. Other important events are the Pacific Rose Bowl Festival held in November, the Pumpkin Carnival held in March, etc. A4 meters horsetail waterfall flowing in the lake, which has been the latest addition boasts of an independent cafe cum restaurant serving coffee, snacks, and other delicacies for its tourists, the dining area overlooking the lakefront.

The Hamilton Zoo located on the Braymer Road, in Hamilton suburbs of Rot kauri, and is definitely a not to miss tourist spot. Founded in 1969, as a privately owned game farm, it has come a long way to be transformed into a proper zoo with the following unique characteristics Apart from being a home to over 200 species of birds, it has some specific attractions like:-

  1. Parrot Cave, which houses Australasian, South American Parrots, Indonesian Parrots, including Sun Conures, blue and yellow macaws, Princess Parakeets, etc.
  2. It has one of the most extensive free flight aviation housing native birds of New Zealand. 
  3. Reptile House that is home to tuataras, Eastern water dragons, various geckos, and blue-tongued skinks. Chimpanzee Exhibit boasts of a troop of six chimpanzees.
  4. African painted dogs and Tiger Exhibit, with 5 Sumatran tigers, also deserve special mention, along with New Zealand’s very own FalconsBlack SwansWhite RhinocerosAsian Nilgai etc.

Among the other tourist attractions, one that can be never be missed out on is the very famous Waika to Museum, rechristened as the Waika to Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato, in honor of the local tribe, Tainui.. It serves as a host of Arts Post, a shop, gallery space representing the art and design of New Zealand that a tourist can never miss.

The Tongue of the Dog, by the renowned sculptor Michael Parek howai, is situated outside the museum. It hosts various exhibitions, educational programs, workshops, talks by eminent artists, etc. But the most significant event organized by the museum is the Bat Tours, where participants enjoy a presentation and then are led on a lifetime experience of encounters with native animals like long-tailed bats, glowworms, etc.

Suppose a tourist is an ardent lover of water sports. In that case, the ideal place for him to visit in Hamilton is the
Hamilton Lake Domain, or better known as the Lake Rotoroais, a lake in Hamilton, Waikato, in the North Island area,

covering an area of 54 hectares, with a depth of 2.4metres. Originated about 20,000years ago, it is home to the famous Hamilton Yacht Club, which regularly encourages sailing in summer. Apart from its luxurious scenic experience, especially for strollers and runners, it is a venue for various adventurous water sports, apart from sailing in small boats and canoes. It even hosts a major running event each summer apart from smaller ones throughout the year.

Last but not least, the most significant attraction for the casino and game-loving tourists is the Sky city, Hamilton, owned by the famous Sky city Entertainment Group, who owns several other casinos and luxurious hotels all over New Zealand and outside. Originated in September 2002, it offers its visitors a maximum of 339 gaming machines and restaurants and bars with live music, outstanding performances being arranged on Fridays and Saturdays. It is a part of the Riverside Centre on Waikato River, which, apart from accommodating restaurants, bars also has tension bowling
centers, all governed by Sky city.

Thus, it can be quickly concluded that Hamilton is a hub that can boast of a perfect blend of rich art and history for the art-loving tourists and modern attractions for others and definitely a luxury for the natural beauty appreciators.

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