Amazing ways to experience Canberra Australia without a car

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is the beautiful place that is famous for its cultural treasures. The place’s beauty is more enhanced because of its location, which is between Melbourne and Sydney. There are a lot of tourist attractions which will make you amazed. Besides, there are specific cultural festivals that you will love to experience. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Australia, then visiting Canberra is a must-visit place. Here, this article will guide you to eight ways to experience Canberra’s beauty without a car.

Hot Air Ballooning

If you want to experience the charm of Canberra, then hot air ballooning can be the best option. The city has various iconic monuments and amazing sweeping views. Now, this balloon ride will take a walk around the beauty of the city with comfort. Canberra is geometric in shape, and therefore to get the aerial view of the green hills, then balloon ride is something you need.


As the city is rich in culture and you are interested in the city’s culture, then riding in Segway can be an ideal to experience the parliamentary triangle. This is one of the innovative ways to experience the beauty of the city. This
ride is readily available in the city and is open 7days a week. Therefore, you can easily take a ride here.

Go Boating

Another option that is available for travelling through Canberra is the Go boat. It is a carbon-neutral electric boat that is very easy to operate. If you want to experience the city’s attractions differently, then opting for this ride can deliver you a unique experience of visiting the place. These boats are available for rent. Hence, you can easily book and enjoy a new ride.

Horse Riding

On the outskirts of Canberra, you will get to see the hills of Murrum bateman. To get a fantastic view of the hills along with adventurous feeling, then horse riding is the best option. You can also visit the beautiful wildlife of Australia, which is also apt for children. So, whenever you visit the place, do not skip the horse riding.


Canberra is an apt place for cycling. The roads, trails, and paths seem to be created for cycling. You can get involved in endless activities if you take a cycle and use it for a ride. The city also has different cycling cultures that are perfect if you love cycle riding. Moreover, you can also invest in various urban attractions that are hard to explore with a car.


Another fantastic ride if you want to experience the lake beauty of Canberra is the paddle boat. This particular boat ride is available from Regatta point jetty. Therefore, you can experience the city from a different point of view from the lake. Besides, you also get to involve in some physical activity that will keep you fit.


The trails of Canberra are perfect to have a walk with a group of friends. However, it is not possible to visit the whole city walking. But, some top attractions can only be explored by tracking. If you love to walk, you will enjoy walking through the countryside, top of Mount Ainslie, Lake burley Griffin, etc. walking also lets you experience a different view of the city.

Lake Cruise

Another unique and innovative ride that will deliver you a blissful experience in Canberra is Lake Cruise. An outing on Lake Cruise will definitely deliver you a different experience. You can also have a family outing that will let you spend some quality time with your closed ones. Moreover, it is also a safe ride where you can take your children along with you. The cruise is available for the ride almost every day. Therefore, you can choose any day to have a fantastic outing on a lake cruise.

These were some of the fantastic rides that you can opt for to experience the beauty of Canberra. In case you were wondering that only having a car will allow you to experience a better Canberra, then you are wrong. Even some places cannot be explored with a car. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the fantastic options that will provide you with a fantastic experience along with an adventurous ride.

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