A Complete Travel Guide To Melbourne

Why Go To Melbourne?

More than four million people all around the world call Melbourne a big small townhome. Yes, Melbourne is known as a big small town, and no, it is not an oxymoron. You can see that this city used to contain all the trappings of a major
metropolis, notable things to do, award-winning cuisine, and a vibrant neighborhood. But Melburnians are required to do management of doing their urban hustle at a leisurely pace.

Beside port Phillip Bay, burrowed in wine country, the natural landscape of Melbourne anchors the laid-back personality of it. There is not a single way in which you can do relax when you are going to do a sampling of wine in the nearby Yarra Valley or you are going to sip a flat white at one of the charming sidewalk cafes of Melbourne.

You should not do the mistake of missing some high-octane activities that are waiting for you. The nightlife is epic of this city that used is known to range from bumping clubs to hole-in-the-wall concert stages. This city is also known as a powerhouse of sports. If you visit the Cricket Ground of Melbourne it will cement that for always in your mind.

For those travelers who are desired of a seemingly paradoxical vacation or a completely stress-free vibe in an exciting metropolis, then Melbourne is the most suitable place for you.

Travel Tips to Melbourne

Best Months to Visit to Melbourne:

The months between March and May and September and November are the best times to visit Melbourne. This shoulder season used to feature tourist crowds and moderate temperatures, in addition to the lower airfare rates. The summer months of this city between December to February which are winter months of North America, Melbourne used to bursts at the seams with hot, sweaty tourists, on the other hand, June to August which are the winter months of Melbourne are known for affording fewer travelers and cold weather.

How to do saving of money in Melbourne?

  • Hop on the City Circle Tram: It is a free tram that used to conveniently stop near the biggest attractions like the Melbourne Museum and the State Library Victoria. It is known for traveling in a circular route and serves visitors with a great overview of the city.
  • Fill up at the lunch: Most of the establishments used to raise the prices of their menu at night, so you are required to take into consideration to eat the largest part of your meal of the day at lunch.
  • Buy an iVenture Card: These passes used to cover the entrance fees of more than 30 attractions, river cruises, and tours. Numerous iVenture Cards are available which are inclusive of a combo pass with a day tour, a multi-attraction option, and an unlimited card for three or seven consecutive days.

Culture & Customs of Melbourne

Melbourne is much more similar to Sydney. But this southern Australian city used to secret the same joie de vivre. The events capital of Down Under is known for attracting casual travelers and families with its laid-back vibe.

Americans find it extremely easy to adapt to the way of life of Melbournian for numerous reasons. Firstly, because the official language of this city is English, it means there is no barrier of language to overcome. Secondly, the official currency is the Australian Dollar. It is worth a little less than the U.S. dollar, so you will be easily able to afford the food of this city, attractions, and accommodations.

One stressful factor of this city is to get behind the wheel of a car. Driving can make you feel quite erratic. Firstly, the Aussies used to drive on the left side of the road, Melbourne also gives the permission of hook turns or you can say turning from the farthest lane across all the traffic lanes. It is just opposite to what you will find in the U.S.

Sports is known as a way of life in Melbourne. We highly recommend everyone to visit at least once to the Cricket Ground of Melbourne for watching a footy match or you can say Rugby or a cricket game.

What to Eat in Melbourne?

Melbourne is widely known as a city of cafes. You will find them pleated with the alleyways of Central Melbourne and clustered together all through the trendy neighborhoods like Fitzroy, St Kilda, and South Yarra-Prahran. You must try a flat white, which is the specialty of the Australian coffee that is most similar to a latte but it comes with less milk and more espresso.

Popular coffee shops of Melbourne are inclusive of Cafe Andiamo and Brother Baba Budan in the central business district and Two Birds One Stone Cafe in South Yarra-Prahran.

Getting Around Melbourne

The best way for you to get around Melbourne is by tram. Trams are known for operating throughout the day and serve with multiple routes that criss-cross the city. There is also a free tram that is designed only for tourists. You can also board the buses and trains of Melbourne with the same myki ticket that you will make use of for trams.

However, rental cars and taxis are available, but these both will cost more than public transportation. For avoiding the hassle of adjustment to the quirky road rules of Melbourne, it is best for you to avoid driving here.

The Melbourne Airport which is also known as MEL is about 16 miles northwest of downtown Melbourne. You can take a SkyBus from the Airport into Melbourne only for AU$19 ($15). Or you can also opt for a rental car or taxi.