7 Best Reason For Listing Your Property On Airbnb

Inflation is increasing day by day and in this changing scenario everyone wants to have some extra income from any other source. The cost of living in any part of the world has become costly as compared to the last decades. It is putting pressure on all of us to earn more and more. Airbnb is giving a good opportunity for all of those who have a spare home to rent out.

Airbnb was established in the year 2008 and since then millions of people have benefited from this website. As per some estimates, this website hosts more than 7 million listings in the whole world. Just imagine the vastness of this company and its services. You are here at the right place to know every advantage of listing your own spare space to Airbnb.

The advantage cum benefits of listing as follows:-

1. Listing is not chargeable: –

This is the best reason for you to start listing your home on Airbnb. This company does not charge single rupees for listing. Furthermore there are some sorts of agreed commissions that the company receives from you once your property is rented by someone. You should also know that listing does not guarantee any sort of income. Income only comes when your property is taken by someone to live.

Nowadays people prefer to stay at home like accommodation instead of hotels due to the prevalence of Covid- 19. Customers get an opportunity to get your home to accommodate them. So, the listing is free, and then you need not worry about any pricing in the starting.

2. You can earn some extra income: –

The first step is to list your home on the Airbnb website. Once listed, customers can view and search your property for accommodation. People travel from one place to another for various personal and professional reasons. Home stay or home-like stay is high in demand all over the world.

Even in some cases, it is more preferred than hotels. You have a spare home or room in your big home. That is not giving you any income of any sort. The list is free and you can earn some extra income by listing. If your property is good and likable, you may even earn more. In some western countries, people are earning enough from Airbnb to live lavishly. Here earning is without much investment.

3. Set you’re pricing: –

Here at Airbnb, pricing is in your hand. The company does not decide the pricing. You may decide your price depending upon various reasons like location, accessibility, facility, safety, and security, environment. If your location is nearby any airport, railway station, airport, busy market place, tourist place chances are high that you will get good earnings.

4. Flexibility of listing, un-listing, pricing: –

Airbnb policy is very much flexible from the perspective of homeowners.
Without any much huddle, you can list, un-list, and change the pricing of your property. As you notice that online traffic towards your property is now high, you can change the pricing of your property. Pricing is not changeable depending upon local conditions like climate, festival time, exhibition, etc.

The same principles apply to hotels. In the summer, all the hotels situated at hill stations increase their pricing. And when winter comes, they decrease their price. You can also do the same. Furthermore, in case you decide that you want to break from listing due to personal and professional reasons, you can un-list your property. Un-listing is also very easy. Even you can temporarily un-list for more than 15 days.

5. Excellent customer support: –

Airbnb is famous for providing 100 percent satisfaction to customers. For that company, you as a home luster are also a customer. They treat every stakeholder with respect and dignity too. A dedicated team involved in handling complaints, inquiries, and feedback from home liters. A representative is available 24 *7 to help and guide you in all steps of your listing.

6. Availability of wider market: –

As per some recent surveys, more than 2 million guests stay in Airbnb accommodation worldwide. It means millions of people are using Airbnb to stay worldwide. You have the opportunity to become one of them. A wider customer base means a good opportunity to earn.

Customer is the best asset for any business and if a customer is available you can have a good earning. Customer availability also means a nice opportunity to cross-sell other products. If a guest takes your home on rent for staying, you can also sell other related services.

7. No need to worry about the damage of property: –

Airbnb provides insurance to all the listed houses. So you need not worry about any damage or mishandling of your property. In case you notice any type of damage or mishandling after a guest checks out, you have an option to contact Airbnb customer care and claim for the same. They will lodge a service cum complaint request for you and you will get repair money after due diligence.

Airbnb terms and conditions completely bar damage or mishandling of any sort by the customers. If Airbnb certifies that a customer who took the room or home on rent damaged property intentionally, the company reserves the right to charge customers too. In some cases, it is seen that Airbnb debarred or blocked customers for further booking because of mishandling or damaging the property.

In short, listing your property on Airbnb has a good number of advantages. Along with the above- mentioned reason, the listing also provides happiness to the person.