5 Best Places to Go in New Zealand

New Zealand is all about towering mountains, mist-cloaked clouds, and untamed wilderness to rich cultures. Curl around the quiet bays and the serenity of golden beaches with doses of the laid-back charm of this magnificent place that takes you in dreamland. New Zealand is crafted with snow-capped peaks, surreal and natural beauty is staggering around this beautiful destination. You cannot stop yourself from getting captured for this gorgeous place with coastal glaciers, sparkling coves, fish-filled rivers, rain forests, and the perfect place to treasure for travelers. Besides, it is a place for outdoor adrenaline-fueled sports, jet boating, skiing, skydiving, hiking, and water rafting.

5 Best places to see in New Zealand:-

1. Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is a beautiful and popular vacation spot covered with a glittering bay. It is just a 3-hour drive from Auckland and a must-visit place for all the globe trotters. It is known for yachting and sailing, where you can
witness dolphins, whales, penguins that live in these regions in the fertile waters. The visitors can also spot fishing here along the coast. There are numerous trails to hike around, and you can capture the surreal, subtropical forest secluded in the coves and lush greens of this scenic place.

2. Nelson

Travel to a popular spot in South Island, Nelson, and you will witness the maximum number of sunbeams at this place. The climate is excellent, and the city is surrounded by national parks, making it a fantastic and remarkable spot for an open-air, casual rejuvenating experience. Soak up in the bright and shining sun rays, wander through the agricultural farmland around this incredible city and dine into the local farm cuisine to enjoy the gorgeous and delicious food in the urban area. You can do a day-trip to Abel Tasman National park, where you can enjoy kayaking and snorkeling along with the panoramic view of the coastal riffs.

3. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is full of surprises and has a diverse range of ecosystems, including lakes, volcanoes, deserted plateaus, hot springs, meadows, and untamed forests. It is known to be the oldest and the first national park in New Zealand. You can hike through the trail and witness the dramatic beauty of the land, featuring spectacular volcanic peaks, forests and walk through one of the famous Alpine Crossing; which will make you astonished and breathless with its awe-struck beauty. You can also enjoy camping on the hilltop.

4. Queenstown, South Island

Queenstown is situated on the South Island of New Zealand, known to be every traveler’s dream spot. If you want to see the real beauty of nature, visit this place to find the towering peaks of the Southern Alps. It is an incredibly beautiful and breath-taking spot to experience the mind-blowing and shimmering scenery of Lake Wakatipu. It is a fun place for visitors who love to explore outdoor activities like Bungee jumping, paragliding, water rafting, rock climbing. Enjoy the magnificent water lakes and vibrant nightlife, as the town’s here are crowded with restaurants and bars serving hot and delicious cuisines.

5. Napier

Travelers who have a keen interest in the Art Deco, this is a place for them. Napier is located in the sunny and brightest areas of Hawke’s Bay. You can explore the architectural buildings styled in the Art Deco and Spanish
Mission Style. This place is for the foodies, famous for its gourmet food, freshly produced from the local farmer owns. Inspired by the style, with Motifs of Maori mythology, known as Pania of the Reef. Rejuvenate, relax and spend your time at the Napier beach.

New Zealand is a self-guided and self-drive destination spot, known for its diverse accommodations with luxurious lodges and hotels. It is a dream destination that every traveler wants to explore and experience. If you are planning to visit this place, then the quick picks are listed above, and you can enjoy the wilderness and beauty of this place. With its powerful forces, outdoor adventure activities, landscapes, bubbling mud ponds, and hot springs, this place captures all with its once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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